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New feature: now embed videos into EzPeasy lessons direct from the cloud, as well as from Vimeo or YouTube.  Just insert the link to the video and we take care of the rest.

Course Creator is live!

New feature: Course Creator is live!  Stitch your lessons together into a course that you can share with a click.  As soon as you have at least two lessons created, you can create a course at

Preview of the Course Creator function coming very soon to EzPeasy; stitch EzPeasy lessons into a course (with optional introductions to each lesson) and share the course with a single click.


New, much shorter video on how to make your first EzPeasy lesson


New feature: now search YouTube from the Lesson Creator page to flip an existing video.

New feature on your dashboard page: a great visual representation of the proportions of answers provided to each multiple-choice question, useful granular data for fine-tuning your lesson.

New features: check lesson views and multiple-choice answers by user if an EzPeasy lesson is password-protected

Detailed view statistics by time and user viewed, showing whether the viewer also answered the multiple-choice questions and whether they faved the lesson.

For password-protected lessons, see when the multiple-choice questions were answered and by whom, and which answer was provided. Awesome granular data to fine-tune your lesson.

New feature: keep track of multiple-choice performance to fine-tune your video lesson


And we’re live!

I’d like to thank in particular:

Jenny, for unstinting, unwavering and undemonstrative support.

Tom Ball, Ela O'Neill and Duncan King, for thoughtful feedback and encouragement.

- - - - - -

Please get in touch with any feedback or if you’d like to get involved:

Alistair Haimes, developer